Friday, September 27, 2013

exciting times...

So far my pregnancy has been a really pleasant one. I had pretty much no morning sickness, I wasn't much more tired than usual (and the more in tiredness was mostly due to the reduced coffee consumption, I guess), the tugging and twinging and itching in various parts of my body was bearable most of the time and until a couple of weeks ago I could still wear my usual stuff. Now I'm about half way through the 9 month prep time and some things start to become tricky:
1) I sorted through my clothes today to see what still fits - and now I have a pretty much empty wardrobe. I already bought some nicer maternity things, because I have a conference and a promotion interview lined up, but the number of wearable every-day clothes just went down dramatically. And as the warmer season is just about to get started but is not really there yet it is hard to decide in which type of clothes to invest.
2) The little Wallaby has grown enough so I can feel its movements. Which is mostly funny, but sometimes Wallaby is kicking me in uncomfortable places - like my bladder - which makes it impossible for me to sit or even stand. The only thing that helps is walking around for a while. This is no problem as long as I'm not in my office working at the computer. however, this is where I usually am, because the plan is to write a big fellowship application until the end of the year, which will determine where the family will settle down next. So far I thought that I have plenty of time to do so, but with this new kind of interruptions I get a bit worried. And I'm sure there are some more unexpected hick-ups lined up already, which will break up my established working routine. I was really hoping that I could continue working in my own pace for a few more months, but maybe that was a bit naive.
Exciting times...


  1. OMG you are pregnant! Congratulations! Obviously I am very late, but I am hoping it's never too late for best wishes!

  2. Thanks a lot GMP - it's never too late for best wishes - and I guess with kids there is always demand for good vibes as well.