Wednesday, August 26, 2015

finalizing the OZ experience

It's been very quiet here lately, which is usually a sign that the offline life is busier than usual. My offline life has been super busy and will be even more in the upcoming couple of months. My current project is running out and I was able to secure new funding at a new university in a new country. After Australia it will be Europe this time. This is all very exciting, but brings a very long to do list with it. Finalizing up all my projects, handing over equipment, finishing code, getting my students in a state from which they can run on their own. This is my current business and this will continue until I move. 
And with this my OZ experience is over and as this blog was devoted to my time here, this space will be closed as well - or at least it will not be continued. Thank you very much, dear readers, for checking this sphere once in a while and leaving an occasional comment. It was great to have this space to share my thoughts. I might get a new online presence at some point.
So long and cheers mates!