Saturday, June 8, 2013

juggling academics

juggling the schedules of academics and getting a bunch of them together for a meeting is an incredible difficult task - even if the meeting involves food. I had a few occasions recently, where I had to get some of my more senior colleagues together for some meetings and it was just a pain. Emails describing clear schedules way in advance were not read properly and two days before the event everything had to be re-scheduled (which involved messing with the schedules of a bunch of non-academics as well) because another meeting had to be squeezed in. Knowing the own calendar seems to be an incredible difficult task sometimes such that an "I'm free all afternoon" turns into something involving a lot of constraints after the "final" schedule was sent around. All my respect goes to all the assistants of academics who juggle these calendars every day - this job would drive me nuts within a week! I'm sure they all know some tricks to make this juggling job smooth like in this video here. Unfortunately, I don't.

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