Friday, June 28, 2013

a winter of deadlines

Ahhh, where did the year go. It was just February a little while ago and now the summer is already long gone, the rainy and miserable season has started and all the deadlines have piled up to a huge mountain.
My life is dictated by deadlines right now and I just try to keep up with them: application deadlines for jobs (yes, starting to look around what other unis have to offer), deadline for an invited paper, a field trip coming up and some conference travel combined with semi-formal job interviews. Oh, and deadline for my promotion application as well. At the moment I'm still on top of things but the point where I have to start working crazy hours gets closer and closer. Weekends are already occupied with "administrative" stuff such as proposal and paper reviewing. Luckily the weather is just horrible, so it feels almost like a treat to snuggle up in bed with a cup of hot tea and a bunch of stuff to read. At least I'm not missing anything outside.
I wonder if there will be a time, when I'm able to plan a year ahead and avoid getting into this maelstrom of deadlines that I saw coming already 6 months ago.

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