Tuesday, April 24, 2012

public holiday

Today Australia celebrates Anzac Day - a remembrance day for all who served and died in military operations. I think it's important to bring this topic to public attention and to make people aware that some of us do an incredible service for all the others - may we approve the specific operations or not. 
But I must honestly say that for me here it's "just" a public holiday. Maybe because I didn't grow up with a culture of war memorials and military parades or maybe just because its not my home country?
So what did I do on this public holiday?
  • I went running early in the morning to please my sporty-me, which has been pretty sleepy during the last months
  • I finally, FINALLY pressed the "submit" button for the publication I have been working on during the whole last year - YEAH!
  • I curled up in a big blanket in the sunshine behind the balcony windows, nicely sheltered from the strong winds, and read a book about the topic I have to teach in a few months, took a nap after the first chapter and then read a second one - while teenage neighbour tried to cope with her teenage life by listening to loud pop music
  • I had a good lunch and then curled up in my bed to have a long, way too long nap - which pleased the sleepy side of sporty-me, I guess...
  • And then I took a long walk - past my favourite Indian take away restaurant - mmmhhh 
  • The rest fo the day will certainly include some ice cream and some note taking about my teaching topic! 
Not too bad for a day off.


  1. Now that my family is back, you are making me jealous. Oh for the good life.

  2. the pros and cons of each way of life - we had friends over to visit for a few weeks and they had their little baby with them... made me a bit jealous, too (= .