Wednesday, December 25, 2013

my favourite writing spot

During the last few months I have not been much in the lab - to my own very disappointment. I only made it there if some of the equipment did funny things and the students couldn't figure out what's wrong by themselves. All my other time was occupied by writing tasks. First, the doomed project, then the project proposal with my slow-responding-colleagues, parallel to that I tried to push another 2-3 papers forward, mostly with just medium success. Up until the Christmas break I did most of the writing in my office - which most of the time is a very good spot for writing: I have a big computer screen and quite an ergonomic chair-desk situation, which helps to not get an aching back even after hours of sitting and with a constantly growing belly. My colleague who holds a lot of discussions with his students in the office was not in for a few weeks and my other colleagues are in general pretty quiet. And if I needed a break there was always a colleague who needed a coffee or a lunch break as well.
Now the university is closed over the festive days and for me this time off will directly lead over into maternity leave. So I have to replace my office writing spot with something equally good. Writing at home at my desk is not as perfect as writing in the office: no large screen and not such ergonomic sitting as I just have a laptop. Working on the couch can be good but usually my bum gets tired after a while and the couch does not allow me to constantly change the position. So at the moment my favorite writing spot is my bed: I can easily adjust my position as soon any part of my body gets tired, if my whole body and my brain get tired I can just turn around and take a nap, it is very comfy (sometimes too comfy which leads to too many naps) and having the laptop on my lap is much better for my posture than if I had it on my desk. The downside is that in principle I don't get out of my pyjamas the whole day and sometimes the whole day passes by and I still feel like just after breakfast. But getting dressed to then work in bed is not an option either. But I (hopefully) still have a few weeks to get a bit of structure in my new writing routine - before the little one arrives and puts his own structure into power. Until then I will spend a lot of hours in bed, typing, reading, thinking, typing,.....

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