Friday, March 15, 2013

journal club

In our institute we have a bunch of researchers working on similar stuff as I do. It took me over a year to figure that out because there is not much collaboration going on and we don't have larger research funding in this field that would force people to work together. A colleague came up with the idea of a journal club, where we could meet on a regular basis and discuss a recent paper of significant importance. We agreed that this would be great and might even lead to some internal collaborations. But it'll be difficult to get esp. all the senior people together for this who might "just" send their students, if at all. But finally, we haven't done anything to give this idea a try.
This will change now! I'm very motivated to give the whole thing a try and by now I'm not a total newbie anymore, so I think I should show some initiative. So far there is just the idea to meet and discuss a paper that hopefully everybody has read beforehand, presented by a different person each time.
Are there any actions to spice this concept a bit up (maybe except pizza and beer), to make it more interesting and valuable for both the senior staff and the grad students? And how often should such a meeting be scheduled? Any experiences with journal clubs in the web space?

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