Tuesday, March 27, 2012

proposal stuff

Just got the notification that I was "identified as a suitable Assessor for Proposal(s) within this current (ARC proposal) round". I got my first grant just a few month ago and now I'm already on the list of people assessing other peoples proposals. I'm not sure how to feel about that. Possible emotional states are:
  • honored - because the ARC seems to thing I'm capable of doing a good job
  • scared - because of the responsibility
  • freaked out - because of the unknown amount of work
  • proud - because I'm SO AWESOME
  • relaxed - because that's part of the job
  • happy - because of the interesting new aspect of my job
 I guess, I'll run through different stages of all of the above possibilities (and a few more, that'll surprise me), esp. after I have checked which proposals are assigned to me.
Any good advice about how to avoid the 10 most likely pitfalls that there are in proposal assessing (whatever they may be) are very welcome!

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